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Benefits of Family Banking

Lifesaving Potential for Your Whole Family
  Family Banking, Benefits of Cord Blood Stem Cell Storage

The practice of collecting and storing umbilical cord blood stems cells is rapidly becoming common if not standard practice. We trust you will find this website a useful and informative resource to answer questions related to why storing cord blood stem cells has become so important as well as the process involved in doing so.

Parents have at least two very important choices:

  (1) either to store the stem cells privately so they are reserved for the family's use at their discretion or to donate them to a public stem cell bank; and

  (2) to choose a service provider they trust to collect and store this valuable therapeutic resource.

You will find menu links on the left tell you about cord blood banking in general, information about our company, our experience, our parent company, and the NeoStem Family Stem Cell Banking Advantage, an advantage you will not want your family to be without when you decide to bank your child's cord blood stem cells.

If the cord blood bank you choose is not compliant with the FDA's cGMP standards, you may be limiting the future use of these potentially lifesaving cells. To learn more about cGMP, click here. cGMP is the NeoStem Family Stem Cell Banking Advantage you will not want your family to be without.

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